Congratulations on your new modular home! Doesn’t it feel great to be a homeowner? You’ve moved in just in time because here in Illinois, the fall and winter holidays are a big deal. For you first-time home owners out there, we’ve put together some great tips for easy and inexpensive decorating. Have fun!

A wreath for every occasion

A wreath on your front door says, “Welcome to our home.” It shows that you are proud of your home and happy to have visitors. There’s really no easier way to give your home a special feel, for any season or holiday. Once you’ve created one, the rest are easy. And, you’ll have them to use year after year. You can find everything you’ll need for each of these at your local craft store. And, if you buy everything off-season, you’ll get all of your supplies at a crazy discount.

One fall wreath works for Halloween and Thanksgiving

A simple fall wreath made from a base of gold, green, and red silk leaves, real pine cones, and a few sprigs of gold flair is a great choice for the entire fall season. But, just attach a few plastic skeletons and jack o’lanterns and you’ve got the perfect halloween wreath. Swap out the skeletons and jack o’lanterns for more gold flair and a ribbon across the front that says, “Happy Thanksgiving,” and you’ve just made three wreaths from one.

A simple winter wreath for the season

Now that you know how easy it is to decorate your front door for fall, you won’t be surprised that with a simple wire frame, glue gun, silk, or plastic pine branches, and a few miniature red and gold ornaments, you can create a winter wreath that will last for years. You can dress it up with plastic holly leaves and berries, a red bow, gold leaves, and other bling that you can find at the craft store. Over the years, you can add and remove details, so it’ll be like you’ve got a brand new wreath! No one will expect you’re using the same one year after year. But, with fresh wreaths being sold for up to $100, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Easy indoor decorations

You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money decorating the inside of your house for the holidays either.

A centerpiece for all occasions

One large glass vase can serve as the centerpiece for every family dinner, from Christmas to Easter. Here’s how:

  • For spring and summer holidays, fill the vase with a combination of fresh, bright citrus fruits. Or, choose a selection of shiny, pastel, glass balls.
  • Choose small gourds and mini-pumpkins to fill the vase in the fall.
  • Finally, during the winter holidays, use red, gold and silver glass ornaments and festive ribbon.
  • Or, try combining things that don’t always go together, like pairing red-and-white striped mints with tangerines.

In any season, you can jazz things up by adding some battery-powered twinkle lights. Use them inside or around your glass vase centerpiece to dress it up a bit.

Dress up doorknobs

It’s always a nice surprise for guests to find a dressed up doorknob on the guestroom door. A simple red ribbon with a few jingly bells attached is a great choice for the winter holidays. Get creative for other holidays and see what you can come up with!


Your local craft store probably has an entire aisle filled with twinkle lights. Some are battery powered; some run on solar power. And, they come in all sorts of shapes, styles, and colors. Dress up anything, from a buffet table to a bathroom counter, with a strand of twinkle lights. Or, go all out and use them throughout the house. Lighting is always festive, whether you use it as an accent or as a big part of your holiday decor. Have fun with it.

Just try something

There are a lot of creative ways to decorate without breaking the bank. Walk the aisles of your local craft shop and see what strikes your fancy. Our last tip is to try hanging holiday cards decoratively with festive ribbon rather than just placing them on the mantel.

We hope you like these ideas. And, we hope you’ll love living in your new modular home. If you haven’t yet chosen your new home, come and visit us at Mount Vernon Dream Homes.